Whey Permeate And Whey Powder

What Is The Difference In Whey Permeate And Whey Powder?

Whey Permeate is a byproduct of the manufacturing of Whey Protein Concentrate WPC. It comes from whey that has been ultra-filtered.

Whey permeate is made by ultrafiltering pasteurized Italian white cheese whey to extract the whey protein. Lactalis Ingredients’ Lactowell brand sells whey permeate powder. Lactowell whey permeate reduces overall expenses by substituting whey or lactose with a low protein rate of > 4.5 and an average lactose content of 80%.

Lactowell is the dairy product solids (DPS) that shows the most characteristic dairy organoleptic qualities, according to a sensory profile investigation undertaken by an independent institution, owing to its distinctive whey stream and high quality procedure. Lactowell whey permeate powder is non-hygroscopic and free-flowing. It may be utilized in chocolate, bakery, and pastry applications since it is very soluble and has a mild dairy flavor.

Dairy product solids, Whey permeate, Deproteinized whey, or Reduced protein whey are all easy to disclose in your ingredient list.

What’s The Difference Between Whey Powder And Whey Permeate?

Whey Permeate

Whey is a liquid byproduct of the cheese-making process that contains protein, lactose, and other substances. Whey is further processed to increase the protein content (i.e., whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate). The byproduct is whey permeate. Lactose, a natural sugar present in bovine milk, makes up the majority of whey permeate, also known as deproteinized whey or dairy product solids.


Whey Permeate is extremely wettable and flows freely. As a result, it’s appropriate for applications like:

  • Instant soups, sauces
  • Powder beverages and seasoning
  • Because it has a sweet dairy flavor, it is also used in applications such as
  • Confectionery and chocolate
  • Advantages of the product
  • It is commonly utilized as a bulking agent.
  • It gives flavor support
  • It is a Lactose source
  • The use of less costly (filler) substances in place of more expensive (filler) ingredients
  • It has excellent fluidity.
  • Its hygroscopicity is lowered.

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