Does Whey Protein Have Dairy2

Whether you have a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance, you may be wondering – is whey protein dairy free? Unfortunately, whey protein is derived from dairy products. While some whey protein products are suitable for those with lactose intolerance, they should not be consumed at all by those with aRead More →

Does Whey Protein Make Your Bum Bigger   1

Whey protein, a type of protein found in milk, can also promote muscle growth and recovery after workouts. Enjoy it or other protein powders after your workouts by blending them with milk, fruits, and veggies to bump up your shake’s butt-boosting benefits. What can I drink to make my bumRead More →

How To Mix Whey Protein In Milk   2

GNC’s Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, a popular health food store brand, suggests adding one rounded scoop to 6 to 8 ounces of water and stirring for about 30 seconds until the powder dissolves. This brand also suggests using a shaker cup or blender to mix your whey proteinRead More →

How Long Does Whey Protein Take To Digest

Whey is a “fast-acting” protein; its absorption rate has been estimated at ~ 10 g per hour [5]. At this rate, it would take just 2 h to fully absorb a 20-g dose of whey. How long does whey protein stay in body? Your body breaks down protein into aminoRead More →

Does Whey Protein Shrink Your Balls

What’s more, certain muscle-building supplements that contain testosterone—say, if it’s an undeclared ingredient lurking in your bottle—can actually shrink your testicles, he says. This can make testicular cancer easier to find. Does whey protein reduce testosterone? This investigation shows that 12 weeks supplementation with soy and whey protein does notRead More →

There is no evidence that consuming whey protein will cause you to start losing your hair. This is especially true for people who weren’t experiencing any kind of hair thinning or receding hairline prior to beginning to use protein regularly. Does protein shakes cause hair loss? You may have heardRead More →


Protein is best taken right after a workout to help your body repair itself, but creatine can be taken anytime, as long as you’re taking it on a relatively consistent basis. Both creatine and protein have different, but beneficial properties. Should I take creatine before my protein shake? Creatine alsoRead More →