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ThinkThin Protein Bar Honest Review: A Popular Guide

You can always benefit from more protein in your diet, whether you’re an active person or not. The protein bars from Think are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, Kosher, and sugar-free. They’re also packed in protein, with twenty grams providing the perfect energy boost.

No Cow is committed to only employing the best ingredients available when it comes to manufacturing their goods. When you read the words “vegan,” “gluten-free,” and other similar terms on a product, you can be confident that it is more safer and healthier for you than some of its rivals.

These bars are ideal for those who are health-conscious, opposed to animal cruelty, have gluten, soy, or dairy allergies, or follow a vegan diet. You may grab for a No Cow protein bar as a meal replacement, a nutritious and quick on-the-go snack, or an after-workout replenishment.

There are 10 bars each box in the variety pack, with four flavors to pick from. Brownie Crunch, Chocolate Fudge, Chunky Peanut Butter, and Creamy Peanut Butter are among the flavors available.

History Of Think! Bars

thinkThin Protein Bar

ThinkThin was created in 1999 by Lisanne Falsetto to produce healthy food that promotes wellness. They employ only natural ingredients in their goods and adhere to three basic mantras: protein-packed, sugar-free, and gluten-free. They’ve expanded their product line to more than a dozen categories in over two decades.

Lizanne’s love for eating well led her to find that it is possible to produce tasty dishes that also support overall health fitness. Lizanne’s enthusiasm for eating well and living and feeling well is still alive and well in the firm.

Think is committed to its customers’ well-being by offering the greatest nourishment available. They think that nutrition aids in the fueling of your best achievements in life. Thinks’ team keeps an eye on market trends and comes up with new ideas to bring you the greatest combination of ingredients for outstanding texture, flavor, and value.

Every day of the year, Think puts in the effort necessary to keep up with the trends and constantly provide protein-rich, delicious food that is also beneficial for you since they understand that achieving your objectives needs dedication and energy. You’re most likely to feel your best when you fuel yourself and eat correctly. That’s why, when you’re ready to take on a large day or project, you should grab a Think bar!

thinkThin Protein Bar Review


thinkThin Protein Bar
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Thinkthin Protein Bar Advantages

Think! bars are healthy dietary alternatives with several advantages.


Protein bars are popular, even though they don’t taste any better than the harmful alternatives. What is the reason behind this? Protein is well worth the investment. It’s what keeps you going throughout the day by sustaining your energy. It is slowly digested, providing energy to your body in the process. Each of the Think protein bars has 20 grams of protein.

Protein bars are a fantastic option whether you’re hungry in between meals, need something to eat after an exercise, or just need a burst of energy. They will not only provide you energy and help you maintain it, but they will also help you lose weight when combined with daily activity and a well-balanced diet.

Protein helps to maintain lean muscle mass, which boosts your metabolic rate. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to digest carbs, but it does require a lot of energy to digest protein. This increases your body’s capacity to burn calories.

It goes without saying that if a bar can help you feel satisfied for longer, it will be simpler to resist the normal temptations you face in between meals. You don’t even need a cause to start eating protein bars on a daily basis. They can be taken solely for the sake of convenience or flavor, but you’ll also be doing your body a favor. It’s a win-win situation.


Gluten, which is primarily present in grains, has been linked to a variety of negative health consequences, including gut inflammation, intestinal permeability, celiac disease, autoimmune, and more. All items from thinkThin are gluten-free.

Their website does include a warning regarding their oatmeal goods, stating that the oats may have come into touch with some residual wheat.


Today’s market is filled with items that are crammed with unneeded and, let’s face it, unhealthy substances. Think, on the other hand, chose to keep its ingredients basic and use only the best. Rather of using foods that have been genetically engineered in laboratories, they choose for components that come straight from Mother Nature. Remember, you’re putting these things into your body, and this is the only one you’ll ever have. You want to be sure you’re not causing it any damage.

To be called vegan, every component of a product must be derived entirely from nature. Protein bars from Think are deemed vegan. People usually shake their heads when firms set out on a goal to produce a vegan product that also delivers on flavor and texture. No one believes that vegan cuisine can compete with processed meals in terms of flavor.

Think stepped up to the plate and delivered. It’s not easy to combine fantastic flavor with decent nutrition, but Think accomplished it with these protein bars. Of course, everyone’s interests and preferences are different, so they’re not for everyone.


If a product is branded “Non-GMO,” it implies that it does not include any components that have been genetically engineered in a laboratory. Why are you so concerned? Because there are various environmental and health hazards connected with consuming GMO-containing goods.

Genetic modification is frequently utilized in the manufacture of products in the commercial area, but it is most typically used in the creation of food items. Companies prefer to employ GMOs because they believe they may improve food resistance to certain illnesses, boost nutritional value, raise agricultural yields, and forcefully generate desirable characteristics in some animal species. GMOs, on the other hand, have been proved to be dangerous.

GMO foods have been connected to a variety of illnesses and ailments, including cancer, infertility, gastrointestinal problems, and even organ damage. GMO foods are also known to have considerably greater levels of toxins and pesticides than non-GMO foods. GMOs are being pushed out the door as a growing number of individuals become more conscious of what they put into their bodies.

Another benefit of non-GMO goods is that they might help you reduce or eliminate your symptoms for certain diseases. Once you start eating non-GMO goods that don’t include any growth hormones or antibiotics put into animal meals, you’ll notice a change. These injections can harm your body and possibly decrease your immune system’s ability to fight infections and viruses.


Fiber in our diet offers a number of advantages. It is a natural appetite suppressant that aids in the prevention of hungry symptoms. As a result, it’s a healthy method to keep track of your weight. ThinkThin has an entire category of high-fiber goods, and some of their other categories also contain high-fiber products.

Whole Grains

Whole grains have a slew of health advantages, according to ChooseMyPlate. Reduced risk of constipation and weight control are just a few of the benefits that we all enjoy; moreover, oatmeal products are beneficial to pregnant women.

thinkThin Protein Bar Review


thinkThin Protein Bar
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Guarantee of thinkThin Protein Bar

A money-back guarantee is an important feature to check for when purchasing any goods from any firm. It’s hazardous to buy something if you don’t know if you’ll get your money back. With a Think bar, though, there’s no need to be concerned. There is a guarantee of complete satisfaction. Simply contact us if you are unhappy with your purchase and would want a replacement or refund.

As soon as possible, begin the exchange or refund process. Include your packing slip, as well as your explanation for return/exchange printed on the back of the slip, in the box with your item. Make sure the box is properly wrapped before sending it to the address listed on the mailing label.

If you’ve misplaced your packing slip, just write your reason for returning the item, your name, email address, and phone number on a piece of paper and insert it inside the package. It is suggested that you send your packages using FedEx or UPS. Your card will be credited for the amount of the merchandise plus taxes upon delivery. Unless the return is due to a Think mistake, the cost of shipping will not be reimbursed.

Thinkthin Bar Ingredients

thinkThin Protein Bar Ingredients

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization has certified all thinkThin products to be gluten-free. Natural ingredients are utilized in the thinkThin nutrition bars, and each product includes a full ingredient list.

Protein is the main element, and it comes from pea protein, brown rice protein, and pumpkin protein. All of the other mentioned components are organic and free of synthetic additives. Here are a few examples:

  • Chocolate coating
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Alkalized cocoa
  • Cocoa butter
  • Organic dextrose
  • Organic vanilla
  • Sunflower oil
  • Tree nuts
  • Maltitol (substitute for sugar)

Where Can I Purchase Thinkthin Bars?

With over $100 million in yearly sales, thinkThin is available nationwide through stores such as:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Official website

Do Thinkthin Bars Work?

ThinkThin protein bars nutrition data appear to be adequate for providing healthy proteins in a gluten-free food. However, we were interested in learning more about the no-sugar promise and the carb content of thinkThin bars.

We tested a couple of their goods and discovered that each bar has more than 20 grams of carbs and more than 200 calories. Despite the fact that we were assured no sugar, both of them appear to be slightly on the high side.

The component used by thinkThin to substitute sugar is maltitol, a hypocaloric sweetener, and we wanted to see whether it had any other side effects. Maltitol does not appear to have any negative impact on plasma glucose or serum insulin levels, according to The Journal of Molecular Medicine. The same study found that when maltitol replaces sucrose in bread goods, the calorie content is significantly decreased.

According to The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, skeptics’ claims that thinkThin’s zero sugar promise is “too good to be true” may be unfounded after all, because scientific tests show that the substance used to substitute sugar has no negative effects.

With 200 calories or more in each bar, it appears that they are pushing their claimed goal of thinking slim. They would suffice for someone who spends hours in a gym working out. Still, according to some of the users who published thinkThin bars reviews, if a typical person eats one of these bars because he doesn’t have time for a complete meal, the calories and carbs in these bars might pile up quickly.

Let us investigate further to discover if energy bars or protein bars, such as thinkThin, are effective. Consumption of these bars is only beneficial if we keep the following in mind:

  • The amount of fat in the bars should be kept to a minimum of 10 grams.
  • Too much fiber can be harmful, so keep it to no more than 3-5 grams.
  • The calorie content of a bar is crucial, especially for those who live a healthy lifestyle.
  • So, unless you’re an athlete, a good bar should be around 200 calories.
  • When it comes to replacing meals with Think! bars for weight reduction, it’s important to make sure there are adequate proteins in the bar, and thinkThin does a fantastic job on that front.
  • The necessity for frequent meal replacements is a fallacy, we should continue to eat real food while using thinkThin. Even juice, salad, or fruit would suffice.

Thinkthin Product Warnings

Because a growing number of consumers want to go vegan and avoid dairy products, thinkThin has notified customers that their goods are made in shared facilities.

Other goods including peanuts, nut meats, soy, milk, and egg products might be manufactured at such facilities. This is a reasonable warning from the firm, however we doubt it will have a significant impact on the product’s contents.

Who Are thinkThin Protein Bars Designed For?

Anyone searching for a quick and easy approach to improve their protein consumption, including runners, weightlifters, athletes, and anyone else.

When Is The Most Appropriate Time To Take thinkThin Protein Bars?

Pre- and post-workout nourishment, as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, are all possible with thinkThin High Protein Bars. Because of its low carb content, you may have one as a healthy snack at any time of day.

What Flavors And Sizes Are Available in thinkThin Protein Bars?

ThinkThinks are offered in a box of ten or a variety pack comprising their most popular flavors, with a serving size of 60 g each bar.

The Chocolate Fudge flavor offered the most value for money at the time of writing this review. The price of each bar was $1.50, compared to $1.69 for a box of Lemon Delight. That’s why, before making a final purchase choice, we always recommend determining the average cost per serving across a variety of flavors and sizes.

Flavors of thinkThin Bar

  • Brownie Crunch
  • Caramel Fudge
  • Chocolate Espresso
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Chunky Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Strawberry
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Lemon Delight
  • Maple Almond

thinkThin Protein Bar Review


thinkThin Protein Bar
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Bottom Line

There are a plethora of reasons why consumers are gravitating to protein bars. Not only does protein provide your body with the energy it requires, but protein bars also generally contain a variety of other beneficial nutrients. The Think protein bars are also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher-approved, and sugar-free. Almost all diets allow for the consumption of a protein bar of this type.

The ingredients that these bars contain are a protein blend of calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate, and whey protein isolate, as well as maltitol syrup, water, vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, almond butter, chocolate, alkalized cocoa, sunflower oil, sodium caseinate, lecithin, tapioca starch, natural flavor, salt, and milk fat. This product includes soy, milk, and tree nuts for your safety. It was manufactured at a facility that also processed peanuts, other tree nuts, and eggs.

Even if you don’t need a specific diet, your body can benefit from the nutrients in these bars. When you’re in a hurry or on a diet, grab a bar to substitute a meal, or use it as a pre- or post-workout energy boost. In any case, make sure you pair the bars with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

thinkThin Protein Bar











  • Cost Effective
  • High protein
  • Kosher and Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO


  • Average Taste

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