Myprotein Whey Protein Powder

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder Review: The Best Shake For Your Meal Plan

True fitness can only be reached when a daily workout regimen is combined with a nutritious diet. In this situation, a “healthy diet” should include nutrients that stimulate muscle growth in your body. Of course, this implies protein powder.

Protein powder has a high concentration of amino acids, which promotes the creation of new muscle tissue and increases the amount of energy stored in your muscle fibers. Whey protein, in particular, is beneficial because it is quickly absorbed and used by the body. There are practically hundreds of whey protein powders on the market, so deciding which one to use might be difficult.

About Myprotein Impact Whey

Myprotein Whey Protein Powder


MyProtein’s Impact Whey is a whey protein powder, which means it’s derived from cow’s milk. Whey is a transparent liquid containing a lot of protein but very little fat produced as a byproduct of the cheese and milk-making processes. This whey protein powder has just 100 calories per serving, yet each scoop provides 20 grams of protein.

The protein powder contains just 2 grams of fat and 1 gram of carbohydrates. It has a good nutritional profile—to put it another way, it’s both diet- and gym-friendly.

The supplement is made up of 80% protein and contains all of the necessary amino acids required for muscular growth. The fast-acting pill will assist to reduce fat accumulation and boost fat burning while also promoting lean muscle development. It’s a straightforward protein powder that provides just what your body need.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder Review


Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder
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Nutritional Information For Myprotein Thewhey

A single scoop has 120 calories, 25 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbohydrates (no fiber or sugar), and 1.5 grams of fat. There’s 160mg of salt (7 percent of your daily consumption) and 3% of your daily cholesterol in this snack, which are both reasonable amounts.

In addition, it contains 10% of your daily calcium need and 6% of your iron requirement.

Myprotein TheWhey Ingredients

In that sequence, whey isolate, whey concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey are the first three components in this protein combination. This is why, unlike an isolate, each scoop contains 1.5 grams of fat.

Myprotein TheWhey Nutrition

There’s also cocoa powder, natural and artificial taste, salt, and six digestive enzymes: aminogen, amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase. I’ve never seen a protein powder with more than two types of enzymes, which is likely due to the fact that MyProtein’s most popular Impact Whey is a concentrate, which is more prone to cause digestive problems.

The artificial sweeteners sucralose (aka Splenda) and acesulfame potassium are also included, as is xanthan gum (a thickening and stabilizer).

It’s unclear whether there’s any soy or lactose in there. The ingredients list does not include soy lecithin, yet the label cautions that the product includes soy from someplace. There is no sugar listed on the nutrition panel, but it isn’t labeled lactose-free and includes concentrate and lactase, implying that lactose is present. On these topics, I would have appreciated a bit more clarification.

Flavors Of Myprotein Impact Whey

A protein shake is something that many individuals desire to consume soon after a hard workout in order to boost their gains and speed up their recuperation. As a result, it doesn’t matter too much how it tastes; all that matters is that it provides the necessary nourishment. Unflavored whey protein will enough for these individuals.

However, whey protein supplements are increasingly being used for baking, smoothies, and simply as a healthy drink to improve protein consumption, and more and more people are turning to them in search of tasty flavors to replace the snacks and sweets they’ve given up. You’re on a diet and can’t have your favorite apple crumble and custard dessert? Myprotein sells it as a protein shake!

Myprotein, for example, has more flavor options than ever before, and their Impact Whey Protein takes the cake in terms of the variety of odd and fascinating flavors available. ‘Rainbow’ (delightfully ambiguous), ‘cherry blossom milk tea,’ ‘black sesame,’ and ‘yuzu’ are some of the more unusual flavors available (an Asian citrus fruit). We tried a variety of samples to see how these flavors transferred into a protein shake and whether they tasted as good as they sounded. We did, however, stick to the more ‘traditional’ tastes!

Banoffee Flavor

Banoffee is a difficult flavor to master since a banoffee pie’s various tastes and textures are nearly impossible to replicate. This protein drink tastes precisely like an artificial banana candy with a dash of toffee tossed in for good measure, just like a banoffee imitator should. That isn’t to suggest it doesn’t taste nice; on the contrary, it is delicious! However, just naming this flavor ‘banana’ would be more appropriate and maybe less frustrating for fans of banoffee.

Rocky Road Flavor

The Rocky Road whey protein drink from Myprotein tastes like really sweet chocolate, but you can detect a touch of marshmallow if you think about it. This flavor was too sweet for my tastes, and I don’t believe I could eat a full 5kg bag or one of these drinks every day. If you’re looking for a chocolate flavor, my recommendation is to stick with it.

Speculoos Flavor

This flavor appealed to me since I adore speculoos biscuits (such as Lotus biscoff) and hoped the flavor would transition nicely into a protein shake. On the other hand, the rich speculoos flavor was missing, and this shake instead tasted like gingerbread. This is absolutely not a terrible thing, and the taste was really nice, much like the banoffee. However, instead of attempting to sound more intriguing by naming the flavor speculoos, it would be far more acceptable to simply name it gingerbread.

Marzipan Flavor

Of all the flavors I tried, this was by far my favorite. I’m a sucker for marzipan, and this protein powder smells just like the genuine thing. Although almond is a relatively simple flavor to master, this protein shake tastes more like marzipan than almond. It’s fantastic!

Cinnamon Danish Flavor

I believe this is another flavor that suffers from the marketing department’s attempt to be smart with its titles. The cinnamon flavor is present and delicious, but calling it a “cinnamon danish” is a bit of an exaggeration. I know a lot of people don’t like cinnamon as a flavor, so I don’t believe Myprotein would sell as many if they just titled this ‘cinnamon,’ but that is absolutely a more true description of this flavor.

Stracciatella Flavor

Stracciatella is simply vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes in the traditional Italian style. The word’stracciatella’ literally means ‘little shred,’ and it alludes to the ice cream’s little flakes of chocolate. So, this protein flavor is just another name for vanilla chocolate chip. As a result, it doesn’t have a particular flavor and instead tastes sweet, like vanilla. It tastes well, if not a little too sweet, like the other flavors.

Taste, Texture & Mixability

Impact Whey now comes in a variety of flavors; at the time of writing, Myprotein provides this supplement in 28 distinct flavors, including unflavored. I’ve tested several of these flavors while using them personally and writing supplement reviews, and my favorites are chocolate orange, chocolate mint, cookies & cream, and banoffee. Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate are all excellent choices.

Having said that, I’ve never had a flavor that I didn’t like, and even the unflavored choice is tasty. By no means the most appealing, but unflavored impact whey protein powder is the cheapest supplement choice on the market and the greatest value for money protein powder available. Impact Whey is unflavored and tastes like powdered milk. It doesn’t have much of a flavor to it. However, if I were to compare it to a flavor, powdered milk would be the closest match.

I always combine this water with milk and drink it after a workout, but I’ll have it with milk any other time during the day. The texture is determined by the amount of liquid added to the protein powder. I prefer thick protein shakes, and even when using impact whey protein with water, you get that amazing, creamy, thick milkshake consistency.

The powder can clump on occasion, but this is never an issue if you mix it well enough in a shaker. The only time I’ve seen it clumping is when I haven’t shucked it hard or long enough (as she put it).

If you’re searching for the cheapest protein powder with a good level of quality, the unflavored impact whey is the way to go. To save money, I switched from using flavoured powders (at the time, I was using True Whey) to unflavored powders when VAT struck sports supplements in the UK and prices jumped on all protein powders and bodybuilding supplements. If cost isn’t a concern, go ahead and pick a flavor; you will pay a little extra for the flavoring, so it’s your choice.

Just remember that unflavored is the way to go for the most value for money, and it doesn’t taste awful. If you like protein shakes and want to have a tasty shake as a meal replacement or a reward for your taste buds after a workout, go for a flavoured alternative.

Effectiveness Of Myprotein Impact Whey

Expect to build 10 pounds of muscle and lose 30 pounds of fat in a month if you use Impact Whey. If you believe that, then leave now. No supplement from my protein line, no fat burner, no pre-workout, and no sports nutrition supplement can offer you these kinds of results. Supplements are designed to help you get amazing results by supplementing your diet and assisting your hard work in the gym and devotion to dieting.

Impact Whey is the finest affordable protein powder available in the UK, in my opinion. Impact Whey from MyProtein will outperform other budget protein powders due to its superior quality, as seen by the nutritional analysis above. Impact Whey Protein Powder delivers for a budget protein powder, with little fat and carbohydrates for a protein concentrate, an 82 percent protein content, and a solid amino acid profile.

Impact Whey from Myprotein is a no-brainer if you’re searching for a low-cost protein powder. This will last you a long time for only 23p a serving and 20 grams of protein per dish. Impact Whey will provide you with the nutrients you require from a low-cost whey protein supplement. This fantastic tasting, extremely high quality, budget protein powder comes in a wide variety of flavors and will quickly become a mainstay in your supplement stack.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder Review


Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder
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How Much Whey Protein Should I Consume On A Daily Basis?

It all relies on your fitness objectives and the amount of protein you need to consume each day. Of However, every body is different, so understanding the right quantity of protein to take each day is crucial.

Many misconceptions exist that claim you need a ridiculous quantity of protein, 30+ grams, many times a day. Most of us won’t require anywhere near this quantity of protein on a daily basis, depending on our ultimate fitness goals, size, body composition, and other factors.

Despite the fact that I am a protein supplement aficionado, I agree with Luke Edwards’ response on Quora.

“Whenever you hear anything really insane, you should ask yourself if it makes evolutionary sense. It’s a wonderful technique to rapidly assess whether or not incoming data is credible. This “dogma” would imply that humans must deliberately restrict (not to mention continuously seek for) 30g of protein at each meal, 5-6 times each day. Not only would we all be doomed if it were true, but I myself would not have put up with it.” Nonetheless, there is a misconception that we need to eat a lot of protein.

“It’s as simple as that: more protein ingested takes longer to digest and absorb. For some people, digestion of a normal meal is still incomplete after five hours, taking anything between eight and ten hours to finish. During this period, amino acids are still being delivered into your bloodstream and taken into your muscles. You haven’t lost your “anabolic” status. These figures are based on a 600-calorie meal with 75 grams of carbohydrates, 37 grams of protein, and 17 grams of fat.” Edwards agrees.

When Should I Take My Whey Protein Shakes?

When it comes to whey protein drinks, timing isn’t always everything. When you take protein is mostly determined by your own schedule and the physical objectives you want to achieve. I believe you should drink your whey protein shakes whenever it is most convenient for you. Some of us eat protein before bed to feel filled, sleep better, and begin our intermittent fasting. Some of us begin our days with a protein meal replacement because it is a convenient and quick method to replace breakfast.

When is the best time of day to take your protein supplement? I already answered this topic in my article When is the best time of day to take your protein supplement? However, you can also learn the answers by watching this video!

Myprotein Impact Whey Per 25g

Myprotein Whey Protein Powder Nutrition Facts

  • Energy: 98.3Kcal
  • Energy: 414.0kJ
  • Protein (dry basis): 20.5g
  • Protein (as-is): 19.6g
  • Fat: 1.7g
  • Carbohydrates: 1.5g
  • Calcium: 125.0mg
  • Cholesterol: 0.5mg

Impact Whey also has a good amino acid profile and is available in 1kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg bags.

Which Flavor Of Myprotein Impact Whey Tastes Best?

There are so many different flavors of MyProtein Impact whey to choose from that you’re sure to discover one or two that you enjoy. While I prefer the ones that aren’t too sweet (I’m a vanilla person at heart, as most of you know), many of you enjoy the diversity of flavors and tastes offered by this brand.

Here is a list of my favorite MyProtein Impact Whey flavors in no particular order:

  • Maple and Pecan
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Tiramisu
  • Peanut Cookie
  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla Raspberry
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Vanilla (my personal fave)
  • Natural Chocolate
  • Chocolate Smooth
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Chocolate Mint

When it comes to picking a flavor, my recommendation is to start with a sample pack. This protein supplement comes in a variety of tastes, which is one of the reasons why so many people suggest it. It’s usually a good idea to test before you buy and to do your homework. If you can’t find a sample pack, tiny packs are available on Amazon. In any case, try flavors you believe you’ll enjoy based on Amazon reviews.

Of course, for the price, you could experiment with new tastes, such as Blue Raspberry!

What Are The Side Effects Of Whey Protein?

While some people complain about whey protein’s digestive side effects, it all depends on the quality of the whey protein in question. Many low-quality whey protein powders contain additional components (such as sugar, salt, and additives) to which individuals are responding, rather than the whey protein itself. You shouldn’t experience the digestive issues that other low-quality whey protein powders cause if you pick a high-quality protein.

When consumed by mouth, whey protein is LIKELY SAFE for most children and adults. Increased bowel motions, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, diminished appetite, weariness (fatigue), and headache are all possible adverse effects of high dosages.

Is Myprotein Impact Whey Good For Weight Loss?

If you utilize high-quality whey protein appropriately, it can help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, it’s all about consuming the appropriate quantity of calories while also ensuring that you obtain the nutrients your body requires. Because your body will feel full and satisfied after consuming more nutrients, you will be less inclined to give in to your desires.

Using a high-quality whey protein as a meal replacement, for example, can help you consume less calories throughout the day. Make cautious to limit your add-ons; it’s quite simple to turn a 500-calorie smoothie into a 1000-calorie meal replacement by adding good fats, extra dairy, nut butter, bananas, and other ingredients. If you don’t want to bulk up, don’t make this mistake!

Because MyProtein Impact Whey offers just about 100 calories per serving, you may dramatically reduce your calorie intake for one meal by simply adding water. However, without the carbohydrates or healthful fat, you might not feel as satiated. To construct your own meal replacement for around 300 calories, I would add a bit of healthy fat, such as 80-90 calories worth of nut butter or avocado, as well as unsweetened almond milk (40-80 calories worth, 250 – 500 mls) to your smoothie.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder Review


Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder
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Is Myprotein Impact Whey Good For Bulking Or Adding Muscle?

Yes, but only if you take this supplement as directed. Bulking up or gaining muscle entails more than just consuming more protein. It’s all about getting the correct sort of protein, in this case a high-quality whey protein, and combining it with the right lifestyle and exercise choices to gain the right kind of weight.

Calories are important, as I have stated, but they are only one component of the issue. To bulk up or gain muscle, you must provide your body with the nutrition and protein it requires. Lean muscle growth is not guaranteed by just drinking a protein shake every day!


Whey protein concentrate was my go-to whey protein supplement while I was a University student bodybuilding on a budget. It has everything you need to utilize it as a pre-workout, post-workout, or meal replacement at an affordable price.

As we’ve grown, the variety of flavors has become comparable to that of an ice cream shop, and the price has actually decreased. In my view, impact Whey is the only option for anyone searching for the greatest affordable protein powder.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder

$0.45 Per Serving










  • High Protein Content
  • Fast Absorption Rate
  • Added Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Contains Digestive Enzymes
  • Superior Taste


  • Difficult to Mix
  • Limited Sizes

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