Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder

Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder Review

Mike Matthews developed Legion in reaction to what he perceives as the supplement industry’s low-quality components and needless chemicals. They sell BCAAs, multivitamins, and joint support, among other things. They provide a bulk gainer and a no-soy vegan protein powder, but we chose to sample their whey isolate, Whey+, in the Dutch Chocolate flavor.

It’s prepared from grass-fed cows kept on small Irish dairy farms for the majority of the year, except when it’s too cold to be outside. Although they are not entirely grass-fed, the feed they do consume is non-GMO. We found it to be a nutrient-dense, fat-free whey that can be incorporated into almost any diet.

About Legion Whey+ Nutrition

Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder

100 calories per serving, 22 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates (2 grams of sugar), and no fat. This is a whey isolate that has been blended with non-GMO maltodextrin, which explains why it has a greater sugar content than the usual whey isolate.

Micronutrients have slightly more calcium than the usual whey: 14 percent of the daily required amount per scoop. It also has a high iron content, with 5 percent of the RDI per scoop. In terms of sodium, it’s in the center of the pack at 5% of the RDI.

Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder Review


Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder
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Ingredients Of Legion Whey+ Protein

Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder Ingredients

In most situations, a high protein diet is required for muscle growth and best outcomes. Delicious whey protein smoothies can help you meet your protein goals. Legion Whey Protein (cinnamon cereal taste) contains the following components (in order of size):

  • Non-GMO Whey Isolate
  • Sunflower Creamer
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sea Salt
  • Stevia Leaf Extract
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Xanthum gum
  • Organic Cinnamon Powder

Legion’s whey protein powder is relatively low-calorie, with just 100-130 calories per serving (depending on the taste). You’re receiving high-quality whey protein isolate with a fantastic flavor that’s free of fats and carbohydrates, as well as no negative effects. In reality, legion protein is grass-fed whey, which means that their cows are grass-fed and Irish.

Ireland produces milk that is particularly nutritious and free of contaminants. The Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) in Ireland certifies Legion’s grass-fed, Ireland whey isolate protein, ensuring that “farmers comply to best practices in animal care, sustainability, product quality, traceability, and soil and grass management.”


Buying protein powders from Wal-Mart or a generic brand for $14.99 will have AWFUL mixability. Spend a bit more, trust me. When it comes to legion whey protein powder, it blends beautifully. There should be no clumps in this whey protein isolate when mixed with water alone or in a smoothie. For Mixability, I rate this a 5/5. That’s all there is to it.

The Protein-Per-Scoop Ratio

Any supplement business that lacks strong research and a good protein per scoop ratio is untrustworthy. Aside from flavor, this is the most essential aspect in creating an excellent protein powder. Why? Because your protein powder is trash if the protein content isn’t the MAJORITY of it. As you can see, 1 scoop equals 42 grams of food. In addition, each meal contains 26 grams of protein (per scoop).

This indicates that just 26 grams of the 42 grams comprise protein. The remaining grams are for carbohydrates, lipids, and other components that are the polar opposite of why you purchased “whey protein powder” in the first place! There will never be a 1:1 ratio in whey protein powder, but it should be within 4-7 grams.

In the supplement market, you need to be mindful of the protein per serving ratio. Thankfully, Legion’s Whey Protein Powder has high-quality whey protein and a high protein-to-calorie ratio:


Whey Protein Isolates, as previously stated, are not a “feel good” supplement. They are, nevertheless, an excellent technique to ensure that you meet your daily protein macros. This is a wonderful protein product to add to your daily arsenal because it has a clean protein source, BCAAs, and low carbohydrates and fat. It’s also one of the better alternatives currently on the market to get the job done.

We found that when using Whey+, we could reach our macros and recover quickly after workouts, allowing us to return the next day and hit the weights again.


When the WPI initially struck our taste senses, the first word that occurred to mind was SPOT ON. Whey+’s Cinnamon Cereal flavor was clean, natural, and reminded us of those mornings when we’d have a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch before getting ready for the day.

We tried a scoop of Cinnamon Cereal in both milk and water, and both were wonderful. In the morning, we discovered that adding a scoop of Whey+ to our cereal dish full of rice krispies was the most delicious way to consume it. We liked this taste a lot.


Whey+ is presently $44.99 on the website, which works out to roughly $1.50 per serving based on 30 servings. This product has a good pricing point given the quality and flavor of the recipe, in our opinion. With the coupon code INFORMANT, you may save 20% and buy it for a very low price.

Yes, there are less expensive WPIs available, but how pure and natural is their product compared to Whey+? You can’t go wrong with Whey+ in terms of overall quality and value.

Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder Review


Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder
View prices for this whey protein powder!


Ease Of Use

Whey+ Protein Powder is extremely simple to use and combine. Simply combine 1 serving of protein with 8-10 ounces of water, milk, or other beverage of your choice. A good consistency may be achieved in a blender or shaker in only a few seconds. You can also combine this powder with a spoon and glass in a pinch, which is a huge plus (particularly if your blenders are unclean or buried in your workout bag). There are no unpleasant pieces or grit in the consistency.

Macro Analysis

In terms of macronutrients, each serving of this protein powder has 22 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbohydrates. There are 100 calories in each dish or rounded scoop. The protein content is sufficient to aid in the replenishment and growth of muscle mass. It’s also ideal for lean muscle development because it’s low in calories and carbs and sugar and fat.

Is Legion Protein Beneficial?

To put it plainly, Legion Whey+ Protein Powder is delicious. Legion’s protein powder is naturally sweetened and flavored and is the best low-calorie, high-quality protein supplement on the market right now. That’s right: it’s organically sweetened and flavored. Unlike most other whey protein powders, this one has no artificial tastes.

The flavor of protein powder is really essential because if it doesn’t taste nice, you’ll never want to consume it. NO ONE loves protein powder that tastes like “omg, I can still taste it.”

Anyway, I tested the Legion WHEY+ protein powder varieties listed below:

  • Cinnamon Cereal (This is insanely good)
  • Strawberry Banana (Can’t knock it until you try it
  • Dutch Chocolate (Classic chocolate taste)
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter (Good but not too heavy on peanut butter)
  • French Vanilla
  • Fruit Cereal

Side Effects Of Legion Whey+ Protein

The fact that I experienced no bad side effects while using this protein powder is a major positive. This excites me much! Many protein powders make me feel bloated and lethargic after using them. This is the exact opposite of how you want to feel, especially if you’re going to the gym right after work. Whey+ made me feel wonderful every time I took it, and I was able to go about my workout or business as usual without feeling irritated. If you’re sensitive to or allergic to milk or soy (lecithin), you should avoid this protein powder.

Best Uses

Based on our testing, we think this protein powder is best utilized if you want to grow and retain lean muscle mass. Whey+ provides 22 grams of solid protein per serving from whey isolate, a high-quality source. When paired with adequate diet and exercise, this quantity of protein can aid muscle development, recuperation, and overall performance. This protein powder may be consumed whenever it is most convenient for you, or it can be used as a workout fuel or recovery drink.


I’m blown away by the fact that Legion Whey+ Protein Powder gives a fantastic money-back promise to its consumers. They make things really basic and easy to understand. Any Legion product may be tried for 90 days, and if you don’t like it for any reason, you will be fully reimbursed. That’s unbeatable! Legion deserves credit for sticking by their products and providing such a strong guarantee.


Legion Whey+ appealed to me for several reasons. Although it isn’t completely paleo or grass-fed, it is manufactured without artificial flavors or sweeteners and is less expensive than other all-natural whey proteins. This is a fantastic choice if you’re weary of artificial sweeteners and prefer the notion of free-range Irish cows producing your whey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Protein Is Essential?

Protein is one of the most critical building components in the body, and numerous bodily processes will fail if there isn’t enough of it. That’s why getting enough protein into your system throughout the day is so crucial, and why failing to do so may be dangerous.

Most people get enough protein-rich meals throughout the day, but other people may not consume enough protein overall. This is especially true for high-performance athletes and weightlifters, who require more protein than the average person to maintain muscle mass. It might be difficult for some people to get enough protein during the day, which is where protein powder comes in handy.

How Much Protein Is Enough?

For most people, it’s disputed how much protein they should consume during the day. Most people require between.4g and.6g of protein per pound of body weight on a daily basis, according to nutritionists. On the other hand, high-performance athletes and lifters may require as much as 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day, which is more difficult to obtain from natural sources.

This implies that a 200-pound person would require anything from 80 to 120 grams of protein per day in typical circumstances, while a 200-pound athlete may require as much as 200 grams per day. That’s when things start to get a little more difficult.

Why People Use Protein Powder?

Most individuals buy protein powder because it is a handy and quick approach to significantly increase their protein consumption. A single scoop of protein powder may easily replace several eggs, a large dish of beans, a can of tuna, or a steak cutlet. Protein powder should not be used in place of excellent complete meals, although it might be beneficial for athletes who have trouble getting enough protein throughout the day.

Adding a powder like the Legion whey supplement to your daily routine makes acquiring an extra 22 or 44 grams of protein a breeze, and it’s also reasonably inexpensive compared to other protein sources. If you’re searching for a method to add extra protein to your diet on a daily basis, a high-quality powder might be the answer.

Is Legion Whey Is Pure Protein Source?

Whey+ from Legion is a Whey isolate protein powder that is extremely high in quality and concentration. It’s made up of more than 90% whey protein with extremely few lipids or carbohydrates. That means athletes searching for the most protein in their diet from a protein powder may rely on this product to satisfy their requirements. Because the powder is virtually all protein, users have more discretion in terms of carbohydrates and fats in their diets while still reaching their macro objectives.

Is Legion Whey Protein Denatured?

Because of the heating and chilling procedures that some milks go through throughout the protein powder manufacturing process, denatured proteins are structured differently and are less effective. When proteins are cooked to a high temperature, they lose their structure and become less useful as a source of protein for your body. As a result, you won’t get as many advantages from the protein and may end up deficient in amino acids.

During our research for this Legion Whey Protein review, one of the things that stood out to us was the fact that the powder is made using cold microfiltration and ultrafiltration. This implies that it does not require heating to produce the powder, unlike some other protein powders. This has the advantage of preventing the proteins from becoming denatured throughout the production process, making them more useful for the body.

Is It Made With High-Quality Milk?

Because whey protein is derived from cow’s milk, it is only as excellent as the cows who produced it. Legion Whey+ is sourced from well-cared-for cows on Irish dairy farms recognized for producing high-quality milk. The cows are devoid of hormones and antibiotics. The milk is properly handled and processed, and it lacks the artificial sweeteners and chemicals found in other milks, making it a higher-quality milk overall, which may explain why so many people believe the protein powder tastes excellent.

One of the first things we do when creating a supplement review is look at the components that go into the supplement. High-quality components usually result in high-quality supplements, whilst low-quality alternatives usually result in a subpar product. That’s why, after researching Legion Whey Protein, we were happy to discover that the milk is supplied from reputable sources. It’s more probable that the rest of the protein powder will be high-grade if you start with a strong base of excellent milk.

Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein Powder

$1.31 Per Serving










  • Smooth Texture
  • Good Source Of Protein
  • Non-GMO
  • Prevents Catabolism
  • Low Calories


  • Difficult to Mix
  • Labeling Is Ambiguous

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