Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein

Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein Review

Formulas by Jarrow Whey is a gluten-free and wheat-free protein powder with 18 grams of protein per serving, 2 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat, and just 94 calories. It’s already proving popular, with over 1800 highly rated reviews on Amazon.

Ultrafiltered to be low in fat, lactose, and carbs, it’s already proving popular. Each 23 g scoop also contains 18 essential and non-essential amino acids, including 4 grams of BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) and over 3 grams of Glutamine. Is it, however, the finest protein powder for your fitness objectives and diet without creatine or a pre-workout energy boost?

In this study, we’ll compare Jarrow Formulas Whey to PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein and Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein, two additional top-rated protein powders. Price, cost per serving, components, doses, and customer feedback are all factors to consider.

We’ve also included suggestions for the finest pre-workout and creatine supplements to pair with Jarrow Formulas Whey to maximize your strength and lean muscle building.

About Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein

Jarrow Formulas, located in Los Angeles, California, manufactures and distributes high-quality nutritional supplements. The business was formed in 1977 and became a corporation in 1988. It now sells its goods in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and other countries worldwide. Jarrow L. Rogovin, President; Ben Khowong, CEO/CFO; and Peilin Guo, Executive Vice President, are the company’s owners and officers.

Jarrow Formulas’ motto, “Superior Nutrition and Formulation,” reflects the company’s goal. Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates, amino acids, enzymes, and enteral nutrition supplements are all available from Jarrow Formulas. When picking these goods, both merchants and consumers may be confident in their purity, value, and efficacy.

The firm keeps a close eye on governmental regulatory issues that influence the nutritional business. It also fiercely defends Americans’ rights to unrestricted access to dietary supplements. Jarrow Formulas invests in research on essential nutritional supplements like CoQ10 to guarantee that clients get the full biological benefit of these supplements.

Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein Review


Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein
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Jarrow Formulas Whey Ingredients

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein Nutrition Facts

Jarrow Whey Protein might be a good alternative if you’re searching for a low-calorie protein smoothie. However, the lower protein content (just 18 g per scoop) accounts for the 94 calories per serving. This is significantly less than the 30 g in Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey and the 24 g in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.

The price is generally significantly more than most other protein powders on the market, despite the carb and fat contents being kept low (2 g each). The biggest 1 pound tub cost $0.93 per serving at the time of writing this review. In comparison, a serving of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard costs $0.78.

Micronutrients And Protein Blend

The micronutrient balance (vitamins and minerals) is quite typical for a whey protein powder. In addition to 50 mg of cholesterol, each scoop of Jarrow Formulas Whey includes calcium (10 percent DV), vitamin A (2 percent DV), 40 mg sodium (2 percent DV), and 133 mg potassium (4 percent DV) (17 percent DV).

Soy lecithin and 100 percent ultrafiltered whey from milk were utilized as the protein sources. This implies there’s milk and soy in the powder, but no wheat, gluten, or artificial colors.

Artificial sweeteners are also absent, which is rare for a whey protein powder. Low amounts of sucralose or acesulfame potassium, as found in Optimum Nutrition protein powders, are typical.

BCAA And Amino Blend

Essential Amino Acids

  • Isoleucine 1.03 g
  • Leucine 1.72 g
  • Valine 0.97 g
  • Phenylalanine 0.57 g
  • Methionine 0.42 g
  • Lysine 1.43 g
  • Tryptophan 0.40 g
  • Threonine 1.17 g
  • Arginine 0.40 g
  • Histidine 0.31 g
  • Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Alanine 0.84 g
  • Aspartic Acid 2.24 g
  • Cysteine 0.48 g
  • Glutamine + Glutamic Acid 3.06 g
  • Glycine 0.31 g
  • Proline 0.99 g
  • Serine 0.84 g
  • Tyrosine 0.51 g

Whey Protein by Jarrow Formulas is part of a high-quality supplement range that also includes:

  • Virgin Whey Protein Isolate: 22 g protein, less than 1 g carbs, 0 g fat, 90 calories.
  • Grass-Fed Whey Protein: 18 g protein, 3 g carbs, 1 g fat, 90 calories.
  • Optimal Plant Proteins: 21 g protein, 7 g carbs, 2 g fat, 130 calories.
  • Brown Rice Protein Concentrate: 12 g protein, 2 g carbs, 0 g fat, 60 calories.
  • Organic Hemp Protein: 15 g protein, 7 g carbs, 4 g fat, 120 calories.
  • Iso-Rich Soy Protein: 25 g protein, 0 g carbs, less than 1 g fat, 110 calories.
  • Whey Protein French Vanilla Flavor – 2 lbs. (908 g)

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein is a 100 percent natural whey protein concentrate that is ultrafiltered to be low in fat, lactose, and carbs. It comes from cows that have not been given growth hormone (rBST).

Formulas by Jarrow BCAAs are abundant in whey protein, which is a natural source (Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine). Each scoop of Whey Protein (26 grams) contains 4 grams of BCAAs. Whey is the only protein source that has as many BCAAs as whey. Whey protein is abundant in critical amino acids, making it one of the best quality protein sources available, along with egg.

Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein Review


Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein
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Highlights Of Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein:

  • Easily Dissolvable Whey Protein Formula
  • Free from rBST
  • 100% Natural
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Additives
  • 4.0 grams BCAAs Per Serving
  • Reduced-Fat & Lactose Content
  • 3 Flavors & 2 Sizes

Ease Of Use

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein is quite easy to combine. With just a spoon, we were able to mix it with 4–6 oz of water (as well as almond milk).

With a spoon, I wouldn’t say it blended completely because there were still some tiny bits. To achieve a beautiful, smooth consistency, I recommend using a shaker or a blender. However, if you only have a few tiny bits, a good old spoon would suffice.


We tested the French Vanilla flavor of Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein. It’s also available in Berry, Chocolate, and Unflavored varieties. The flavor of the French Vanilla wasn’t too sweet or harsh. Even when we merely combined it with water, it didn’t taste awful.

When I combined it with unsweetened almond milk, the flavor was much better (but that’s just me). It does, however, have the unpleasant aftertaste that many “old school” protein powders have. It wasn’t the worst tasting protein powder, but it could have been so much better!

Macro Analysis

According to the macros, each serving includes 17 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 6 grams of carbohydrates. The 17 grams of protein isn’t a lot, especially if you’re trying to bulk up or gain muscle mass. On the other hand, this protein quantity is ideal for weight reduction, toning, and shaping.

The carbohydrate and fat levels are incredibly minimal, which benefits people looking to reduce weight. Each serving has just 105 calories, which is ideal for individuals who are watching their weight. Overall, for individuals trying to reduce weight or tone up, this is a terrific macro mix.

Side Effects

About 20-30 minutes after consuming this protein powder, I had stomach discomfort and bloating. It wasn’t horrifying, but it was unsettling and something to keep in mind.

Best Uses

We’d suggest it’s excellent for people seeking to reduce weight or tone up after taking it for a time. Because 17 grams of protein is on the light side of protein powders, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re wanting to bulk out or gain muscle. It is great for individuals controlling or restricting their daily caloric intake and wanting to lose weight because it is low in calories and fat. It’s also appropriate for people who want to increase their protein consumption in order to tone up.


A one-pound bottle of Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein costs $20.68. This equates to around 7.10 cents per gram of protein, which is in the center of the price range for most protein powders.


Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a guarantee on their website, however you may be eligible for a refund if you purchase it online through Amazon or other sellers.

Jarrow Formulas’ Mission

The mission of Jarrow Formulas is to promote optimal health through high-quality, effective, economical, and “cutting-edge” formulations based on good scientific research data. The company’s professional team is involved in clinical investigations and collaborates with academics from universities, institutes, and other academic settings all around the world. Jarrow Formulas tries to give its clients with the finest service and technical assistance possible.

Alternatives To Consider

Are you looking for a high-quality whey protein powder but aren’t sure if Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey is the best fit? Here are a few options to think about:

CLEAN Whey Protein Powder Isolate from BulkSupplements — The protein powder isolate is manufactured utilizing a cold, micro-filtration method, which ensures that as much of the original amino acid content as possible is retained. It contains 90% protein and BCAAs for increased muscle growth and post-workout recovery. Stevia is also used as a sweetener.

This protein powder has the advantage of being much less expensive than Jarrow Formulas Grass-Fed Whey. A 1-kilogram bottle costs $25, compared to $18 for 370 grams. It’s not as natural as Jarrow Formulas’ whey protein because it’s not manufactured from grass-fed cow’s milk.

Naked Whey – Another grass-fed whey protein powder that is widely regarded as one of the best on the market. You can read the rest of our Naked Whey review here. It’s manufactured in the United States from milk from tiny California dairy farmers. It has approximately three times as much protein per serving (25 grams vs. 9.3) and a significant amount of BCAAs.

There are no additional ingredients in it, not even a sweetener! It is truly a “naked” product, as it contains only whey protein. The protein powder is cold-processed and of the finest quality. It is, however, rather costly–$90 for a 5-pound container of the stuff!

Promix Unflavored – Looking for a protein powder that isn’t flavored? This is the one you’ve been looking for! It’s prepared in the United States using grass-fed cow’s milk acquired locally. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.5 grams of fat.

It has been heavy metal tested by a third party and is free of GMOs, soy, gluten, and nuts. It’s one of the simplest, cleanest whey protein supplements on the market–and it’s also one of the most expensive: $80 for 5 pounds.


Jarrow Formulas may be an excellent choice to explore if you’re searching for an all-natural whey protein powder. It isn’t the most expensive on the market, but you can be assured that it is of the highest quality.

Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein

$1.66 Per Serving










  • Excellent For All Athletes
  • Fast Absorption Rate
  • 2x Strength Building Potential
  • rBST Free
  • Great For Snacks


  • Labeling Is Ambiguous
  • Pricier Than The Average Protein

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